San Francisco Giants Opening Day 04.08.2011

16 04 2011

I had a chance to check out the world champs in their home opener. All I can say is it was torture. Final score 5-4 Giants in 12 innings.

SF Giants Trophy Tour Redwood City 2.16.2011

17 02 2011

How’s it going world. Last time I did an update, the Giants became world champs. Now as fans, we have the chance to show off. I got a chance to stand next to the trophy with my cousin and friend. Enjoy and good luck Giants for 2011; spring training has started! Check out my friend who came with me at

Until Wekfest 2011, see you next time.

San Francisco Giants Victory Parade 11.03.10

4 11 2010

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for their first World Series Championship as the San Francisco Giants. We have been waiting 52 years for this!! For all those who were not able to attend the parade, here are a few memories from the parade from the starting point on Montgomery and Washington. It was an ordeal to get the photos because of the crowd and I was not able to get clear shots. But these will have to do.

San Francisco vs Colorado 9.15.2009

18 09 2009

The SF Giants are in a wild card race for the playoffs with 16 games left. I was fortunate enough to go to Tuesday’s game versus the Rockies. It was nice to see Zito pitch solidly and see the Giants win. Good luck until the end of the season Giants.

San Francisco Giants

First Pics

11 09 2009

This is my second post, but it’s my first official pic post. To start off, I just grabbed a few pass pics that I like.
There are some picks from 8.30.2009 San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies and pics of the Golden Gate Bridge.