Wekfest III – Part 2

21 02 2011

As promised here is part 2 of 2 of Wekfest 2011. More cars more models more fun. Enjoy and until next time.


Wekfest III – Fort Mason: 2.20.2011

21 02 2011

Another chilly Sunday in The Bay, but this Sunday was a little different. It was Wekfest which has grown from a little show during Cherry Blossom at JapanTown, to its own show in the garage of the very same place, to what it is this year at Fort Mason. The line to get in was a feat with hundreds of people lined out to the street. Once inside, the ocean of people continued between rolls of cars stretching two halls. But enough with my ramblings, I present part 1 of Wekfest III.

SF Giants Trophy Tour Redwood City 2.16.2011

17 02 2011

How’s it going world. Last time I did an update, the Giants became world champs. Now as fans, we have the chance to show off. I got a chance to stand next to the trophy with my cousin and friend. Enjoy and good luck Giants for 2011; spring training has started! Check out my friend who came with me at strictlybidness.wordpress.com

Until Wekfest 2011, see you next time.

San Francisco Giants Victory Parade 11.03.10

4 11 2010

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for their first World Series Championship as the San Francisco Giants. We have been waiting 52 years for this!! For all those who were not able to attend the parade, here are a few memories from the parade from the starting point on Montgomery and Washington. It was an ordeal to get the photos because of the crowd and I was not able to get clear shots. But these will have to do.

wek’fest pics

19 03 2010

I have been busy lately and just have not had time to get the pics done. I have half of them ready to go. Hope you enjoy them.

wekfest – Jtown 2.28.2010

28 02 2010

For those that did not go to wekfest this year, you missed out yet it might be a good thing. The line to get in was ridiculous. The line went half way around the block. Organizers claimed 20,000 plus were in attendance. All pics will be up soon but for now here is a teaser.

MS Waves to Wine

25 09 2009

The pics for the bike ride are now available for viewing at http://www.illumixstudios.com. Check back soon to see pics from my Las Vegas trip.