Blox Open House 06.11.2011

15 06 2011

This was Blox second open house. I did not attend last year so I was not sure what to expect. The show was free and featured many of the known Bay Area show cars. There was a good mix of cars to please most spectators as well as motorcycles and Ruckus’. If you missed out this year, be sure to look out to see if Blox opens their doors next year. One car of note in attendance was Loreto Garcia’s teal EK, Super Street’s cover car for July.

Loreto Garcia's EK


Hello world!

10 09 2009

Welcome to my photo blog.  Here you will find my photos I have taken of daily life and events I have attended.  This is my first attempt at a blog so bare with my boringness.  Have fun and thank you for your visit